Camp GBBG: The Art of Nature

By Nikki Long, Education Intern

Get into nature with games, crafts and unforgettable adventures at Camp GBBG! The Garden is excited to offer one day and week-long camps this summer. These fun, outdoor camps offer kids a wide variety of activities that utilize the unique landscapes at the Garden. Campers will transform themselves into science wizards, discover the art of nature, prepare for a garden tea party or become nature sleuths during a garden investigation. Be ready dig into the dirt and connect with the wonders of the natural world.

Camp Highlight: The Art of Nature

This summer’s first day camp, The Art of Nature, welcomed some brand new artists to the Garden! Campers sharpened their skills and created many unique works of art, including silk paintings, clay leaf pendants and even prints based on the works of famous artist, Andy Warhol.


The campers got the chance to explore and find the different kinds of art around the Garden, and during their exploration, many of them took out their sketchbooks and began drawing what they saw. Some even wanted to come back to the Garden to continue their sketches! In the afternoon, the campers got the chance to learn from a real artist, Birgit Ruotsala, who taught them how to paint on silk.


Despite the random downpours throughout the day, the campers were not bothered by the rain. It was a fun-filled day, complete with games, projects and exploration for the artists-in-training. One of the campers had made a mistake on his print, but did not mind, saying that the mess-up made it better, calling his artwork a “messterpiece.” There were many masterpieces and “messterpieces” from camp as the campers found inspiration through the nature around them. And finally, they left with their own artist kits to continue their creativity at home!

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