Campaign Overview

Perennial Performance Campaign for a Grand Garden & Amphitheater

Our Perennial Performance campaign brings full circle the vision of those who originally conceived of Green Bay Botanical Garden over 30 years ago and brought it to life for the community in 1996. In this, the Garden’s 20th year, we believe it is fitting to complete 2.5 acres of the Garden’s “backyard” with a Grand Garden— including an amphitheater for the performing arts and enveloped by plantings including a unique and treasured magnolia collection. We are seeking donors to support this $5 million endeavor, which will live on in both the beauty of the plants and structures, and the cultivation of the arts, culture and quality of life in our community.

Complete the Grand Plan Our Founders Began.

The Garden’s founders envisioned a Grand Garden with an amphitheater for the performing arts, placed carefully in the natural topography. The plan includes a grand entry, support buildings, paths and private garden “rooms,” or areas, surrounding the amphitheater. More than 1,500 spectators will delight in performances from a gently sloped lawn. These new features will help sustain
the Garden, increasing visitors, members and, in turn, revenues.

Grow the Arts in Your Garden.

When you contribute to the Garden and the Perennial Performance campaign, you own a share of the Garden and thereby multiply the benefits it provides. You are cultivating our community’s passion for music, theater and dance—in the midst of perennial performances presented by nature itself. From children’s theater to high school performances, Shakespearean troupes to
hand-selected national acts, your contribution will have a lasting impact on the quality of life locally.

All the World’s a Stage—All of the Garden Is, Too.

The Garden performs miraculous feats with each new season. Even in December, visitors delight in the magic they find—making WPS Garden of Lights one of our most popular times of year. With a true stage, and amenities to support traditional events along with new celebrations of the performing arts, we will enhance the Garden and the number of visitors who enjoy its beauty and adventure in all seasons.

Create a Larger Backdrop for Life’s Greatest Moments.

The Garden celebrates traditions and creates memories. It is a much sought-after destination for engagements and weddings, corporate events and social gatherings. The Grand Garden will allow us to host more of these larger events, which are important to the Garden’s future. They share the beauty of the Garden with new visitors and bring revenues to sustain the Garden.

Plant Seeds for the Local Economy.

The Garden engages over 450 volunteers in welcoming more than 130,000 annual visitors. It is one of the top five destinations for visitors who come to Northeast Wisconsin. Research shows the Garden has a $6 million economic impact on our area annually. With a Grand Garden, we will attract more visitors to the Garden and local area, and with your help, have an even greater

Amplify the Quality of Life in Our Community.

We’ve come this far through the goodness of our members, volunteers, donors and corporate sponsors. We have more to accomplish. With a single contribution toward the Grand Garden, you will amplify the quality of life in our community in three ways—as a patron of the arts, a member of a vibrant educational and botanical resource, and one who is helping to lift the local economy and make it a desired place to live, work and play.

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We want you to be a part of this historic growth. If you would like learn more about how you can support this exciting project, contact our Director of Development, Cindy Berton, at 920.491.3691 or


Amphitheater & Stage

Amphitheater & StageThe Amphitheater will feature a performing stage sized at 20 feet deep by 36 feet wide, with the ability to add platforms on three sides to expand the performing space as needed. The stage sits 30 inches off the ground, and access comes from the middle of the back wall, with ramps extending out to the back of the stage. There you will find access to a Green Room with private restroom, as well as a storage room that will provide all the mechanical and electrical needs for this structure. The Green Room will serve brides on weekends as they prepare for their ceremony in the Oval Garden or on the stage itself. The Amphitheater bowl will accommodate 1500 or more in casual seating arrangements – whether it be assigned seating, bring your own lawn chair or blankets.

Overlook Arbor

Overlook Arbor The Overlook Arbor will be the grand entrance to the Grand Garden. While the stairway is grand, there is an alternative entry to the sloping lawn via an accessible pathway to the north. This space will also provide handicap seating, as well as private rental space in each wing of the arbor, accommodating a dozen or more people each during amphitheater events.

Concessions/Restrooms/Classroom/Catering KitchenConcessions

This structure is home to a classroom, concessions, restrooms, and a catering kitchen. The spaces here will serve events all seasons of the year, including:

Spring – school tours can use this space for lunches, and with good weather the “garage” doors can be open, enabling students to spill out onto the plaza in front of this building. Garden adult and family classes will also utilize this space throughout the three seasons. This also provides private rental space for corporate meetings and events.

Summer – amphitheater events will enable guests to enjoy concessions and restroom breaks, as well as provide an alternative site for the popular summer cookouts and family Discovery Station activities. This will also service outdoor, tented receptions taking place in front of the stage such as weddings or other private receptions desiring al fresco dining.

Fall – this is another popular time for school tours, and continued private event rental space.

Winter – WPS Garden of Lights will benefit by allowing guests another refreshment and restroom break option, within the show. Snowshoeing events and other winter classes can utilize this space.

The Oval Garden

The Oval GardenThis garden will provide the backdrop for many special occasions, including weddings, private event space during Amphitheater events and more. We anticipate wedding ceremonies in the 150-plus size, and hosting private entertainment events with food and beverage service, plus seating during the performance for about 50 or more people. The structure will house equipment necessary for the new well needed to service this part of the Garden. The other side of the structure will serve as storage for tables and chairs for events held in this space.

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Construction Progress

We’re so excited to begin construction on the Grand Garden! Since this project is for you, we want to keep you updated on project happenings. Visit our blog for the latest project updates and photos.

Visit Our Blog for Project Updates


Quick Facts


Green Bay Botanical Garden will be the leading educational, recreational, social and horticultural destination enriching the quality of life in the upper Midwest.


Green Bay Botanical Garden cultivates an appreciation for the enduring relationship between plants and people. Through our volunteers and staff, we serve people of all ages by providing year-round educational and recreational experiences within an environment that engages, inspires and refreshes.


(All figures are for fiscal year 2016 unless otherwise noted)

Formal Name: Green Bay Botanical Garden
Founding: Organized in 1982; opened in 1996
Legal Status: Non-profit, tax-exempt IRS 501(c)(3) organization
Governance: A board of directors consisting of 9-21 members
Partnerships: The Garden is a partnership with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NTWC)
Property: 47 acres, including 25 acres currently developed or being developed
Budget: $1.9million
Endowed Funds: $3.5 million
Staffing: Full time: 15; part time: 13; seasonal 12 – 15
Volunteers: Over 400 volunteers, approximately 7,500 hours per year
Members: 3,000 (generating revenues of about $200,000)
Visitors: Over 130,000
Economic Impact: Nearly $6 million per year, as determined by St. Norbert College in 2015


  • The land on which the Garden is located is made available to the organization through a long-term lease from NWTC.
  • The Garden and its board are legally independent of NWTC, but the two organizations seek to find mutual benefit from the relationship.
  • NWTC’s landscape horticulture program operates from a classroom building and greenhouse on the Garden grounds; students in this program utilize the Garden as a living laboratory, and participate in growing plants that are transplanted in the Garden, as well as assist with landscaping projects, and annually serve internships as part of their Associates Degree.
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Campaign Cabinet

Honorary Co-Chairs

Gail Fischer Pat Schneider Dar & Les Stumpf Mike* & Jessie Raymaker

Campaign Co-chairs

Doug & Kathy* Hartman

Cabinet Members

Gerry Andrews Joan Brusky
Mike Calawerts Diane Conway*
Cathie Day Dr. Ernest Harvey
Pat Koleske* Dennis Langenberg
Bill* & Pat Larsen Judy Nagel*
Jonie Paye* Dick Rankin*
Kathy Schmidt Rob Servais*
Terri Trantow Mike Van Asten
Bill Wangerin*


Cort Condon
Scott Johnson
Perry Kidder
Steve Schneider


Don Salmon & Maria Zehren, Winston Group, Fundraising
Susan Baranczyk, O’Connor Connective,
Communications & Messaging

GBBG Staff

Susan Garot, Executive Director
Cindy Berton, Director of Development
Mark Konlock, Director of Horticulture
Bobbie Anderson, Executive Assistant

*GBBG Board Members

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Campaign Budget

Buildings, Structures $1,550,000
Landscaping, Hardscaping $1,550,000
Engineering & Design $300,000
Furnishings, Fixtures $200,000
Campaign Costs $100,000
Contingency $300,000
Endowment* $1,000,000

Total Campaign Budget $5,000,000

*Donations over $5,000,000 will go to the Endowment for future sustainability.

Budget FY
Projected FY
Projected FY
Projected FY
Revenue $1,750,689 $1,844,495 $2,002,917 $2,173,165
1,729,512 1,836,582 1,898,911 1,942,713
(avail for depr.) $21,177 $7,913 $104,006 $230,452
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