Grand Garden: Last Month of Construction

By Susan Garot, Executive Director

Progress continues on the Grand Garden, with building finishes being completed. Next up is the site electrical, final grading, installation of the curb, gutter and roadways, and completing the retaining walls.

Once June arrives, we’ll be installing the grass and preparing the garden beds to accept 11,500 perennials and over 1,000 trees and shrubs. Several hundred other trees and shrubs, including our magnolia collection, will be relocated here as well.


We’ve hosted a few Hard Hat Tours for our donors, thanks to everyone that has been able to join us thus far!

Our signature plume is being installed on the amphitheater.

It will even have it’s own back-lighting.

Our Canopy is nearly complete! The brick walls have been added and the metal roofing is being installed. Take a sneak peek at the amphitheater in the background too.

Retaining walls forms are being installed. They will stretch behind the amphitheater.

Even the bathrooms are artistically created!

Don’t worry, the dividers are coming…