What’s Growing on in the Children’s Gardening Patch?

By Nikki Long, Education Intern

Have you heard about our new family program, Seeds to Snacks? This weekly interactive gardening experience gives kids the chance to dig in the dirt, explore where their food comes from and enjoy some award-winning veggie samples! Yep, that’s right. Award-winning. All of the plants featured in these beds are All America Selections (AAS) Winners…and they’re not all vegetables either. The Garden is part of a Landscape Design Challenge through AAS. The challenge requires gardeners to plant edible and ornamental plants in the same garden, mixed together. Think of it as “foodscaping” or “ediscaping”, as we’re calling it, instead of landscaping.

Each bed has edible vegetable plants you’ll recognize along with gorgeous ornamental plants. While the combination is neat to look at, they’re functional too. For instance, one of the beds features tomato plants in the center surrounded by a diamond of marigold plants. Why? Because the pungent smell of marigolds wards off many pests known to destroy tomato plants. Just one of the many benefits of interspersing produce with non-edible plants!

You and your family can head down to the Children’s Gardening Patch to take part in harvesting the fresh produce and turning it into something tasty with the help of our education team. Families have harvested and sampled swiss chard leaf topped with hummus and grated radishes; cucumbers topped with cream cheese and basil; and even edible flowers with cottage cheese and cucumbers.

Seeds to Snacks is free with Sanimax Concert admission, so after your family stops by to enjoy a snack between 4-6 pm, you can settle in for an outdoor concert the whole family will enjoy!

Note: Learn more about pairing marigolds and tomato plants.

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half-moon Seeds to Snacks planter

Seeds to Snacks Planter