Nature Connects® Spotlight: Gardener with Grandchild & Wheelbarrow and Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly

By Kara Martin, Marketing and Communications Intern

With just three weeks left of Nature Connects ®: Art with LEGO ® Bricks, this exciting exhibit has already amazed and inspired thousands of visitors of all ages… have you experienced it yet? All 16 of these larger-than-life sculptures made with LEGO bricks are placed in spots around the Garden that represent their natural environments, and they’ll be here through August 19.

It’s time for some more fascinating facts with our latest Nature Connects spotlight! Get ready for some new knowledge about two more of the sculptures.

gardener sculpture

Gardener with Grandchild & Wheelbarrow
Location: Partnership Gardens featuring All-America Selections Trial Garden and N.E.W. Gardener Volunteer Display Garden
Size: 34” x 43” x 65” (Grandfather) | 33” x 29” x 31” (Granddaughter) | 70” x 34” x 33” Wheelbarrow
LEGO bricks: 35,646 (Grandfather) | 11,294 (Granddaughter) | 29,900 Wheelbarrow
Hours to Build: 740




Did You Know…

  • If you look closely, you’ll notice that the Gardener (Grandparent) sports a mustache.
  • Wheelbarrows have been in use for more than 2,000 years.
  • The area where these 3 sculptures are placed includes the All-America Selections Trial Garden & N.E.W. Master Gardener Volunteer Display Garden which highlight a variety of garden space solutions that you can implement in your home, big or small.

Dragonfly sculpture

Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly
Location: Gertrude B. Nielsen Children’s Garden
Size: 96” x 96” x 29”
LEGO bricks: 27,788
Hours to Build: 515






Did You Know…

  • The dragonfly’s favorite food is mosquitos, and they can eat hundreds of them each day!
  • Dragonflies were some of the first winged insects to evolve around 300 million years ago, and dragonfly fossils have been discovered with wingspans of up to two feet.
  • Dragonflies can fly straight up and down and are expert fliers.

Stay tuned for our next Nature Connects spotlight and stop by soon this summer to experience these larger-than-life sculptures with your friends and family!

We’re the first and only venue in Wisconsin to host renowned, award-winning artist Sean Kenney’s nature-inspired sculptures built with half-a-million LEGO bricks. The exhibit is here through August 19 and we’re regularly open from 9 am-8 pm.

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