Nature Connects® Spotlight: Pansy Bloom and Hummingbird & Trumpet Flower

By Kara Martin, Marketing & Communications Intern

Nature Connects ®: Art with LEGO ® Bricks is bringing all kinds of creative energy and excitement to Green Bay Botanical Garden this summer! The 16 larger-than-life sculptures in this unique visiting exhibit and the special events and activities inspired by it have captured the imaginations of visitors of all ages.

Since these sculptures are inspired by nature and can be found in spots around the Garden that represent their natural environment, you’re sure to learn something new. Our latest Nature Connects spotlight is here with a few fun facts that you’ll want to share with your friends and family!

Pansy with visitors in the background

Pansy Bloom
Location: Larsen Orchard Remnant
Size: 40” x 35” x 55”
LEGO Bricks: 29,314
Hours to Build: 240







Did You Know…

  • Pansies flowers are edible and have a minty flavor.
  • Pansies are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in history.
  • Pansies thrive the most in spring and fall when the weather is too cold for other annuals, making them an important source of pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators.

Flower Pot Girl and Hummingbird

Hummingbird & Trumpet Flower
Location: Schierl Wellhouse Herb Garden
Size: 66” x 32” x 76”
LEGO Bricks: 61,107
Hours to Build: 265







Did You Know…

  • The hummingbird can flap its wings 50 times per second in any direction, including backwards!
  • An adult hummingbird needs to eat twice its weight in food each day to keep up with its fast metabolism that allows it to move quickly.
  • The trumpet flower and hummingbird are a perfect pair; the trumpet flower’s narrow cone shape and small opening makes them inaccessible to bees and other birds, but is a perfect fit for the hummingbird’s long narrow beak.

Stay tuned for our next Nature Connects spotlight and come visit us this summer to experience these larger-than-life sculptures with your friends and family!

We’re the first and only venue in Wisconsin to host renowned, award-winning artist Sean Kenney’s nature-inspired sculptures built with half a million LEGO bricks. The exhibit is here until August 19 and we’re regularly open from 9 am-8 pm.

Upcoming Nature Connects Events & Programs

  • Friday, July 20 | Nature Connects Segway Tours
  • Friday, July 20 | LEGO Minifigure Movies
  • Friday, August 13 | Community Connection: NEW Zoo Zoomobile
  • Friday, August 17 | Block Party featuring The LEGO Movie
  • Daily | LEGO Block Build Area
  • Daily | Scavenger Hunts, located outside the Fischer Visitor Center

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