5 Plants to Buy from Our Horticulture Team at Garden Fair

By Seth Heder, Horticulturist

Garden Fair, which is back this year, is the perfect place for gardeners and plant lovers, whether you’re just looking to fill a container on your front porch or you’re prepping your vegetable garden for the 10th year in a row. It’s your chance to get garden inspiration while talking to our experts on site, to find landscape art perfect for your backyard, or to simply buy plants from local plant vendors.

New to this year’s Garden Fair, our horticulture team has grown and handpicked a varied selection of plants to sell at our own booth! Come and gather your favorites from All-America Selections winners, our Butterflies & Blooms pollinator collection, and GBBG Select plants we have to offer. Admission into the fair is free and we’re offering fair attendees half-price admission into the Garden both days!

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Here are five of the 50+ plants that will be available for purchase on Friday, May 31 from 12-7 pm or Saturday, June 1 from 8 am-2 pm.

Wave® Carmine Velour Petunia

Wave® Carmine Velour Petunia PC: All-America Selections

PC: All-America Selections. (Petunia × hybrida ‘PAS1302763’).

This petunia is a new All-America Selections winner for 2019 and is another addition to the outstanding Wave® series. Only on the market starting this year, it dominated the trial garden last year with a full blanket of blooms in a velvety rose color. This flower boasts a vigorous spreading habit which is useful for groundcovers, spilling containers and hanging baskets. It’s also a favorite among pollinators such as hummingbirds, bees and the hummingbird clearwing moths.

SolarTower™ Lime Sweet Potato Vine

SolarTower™ Lime Sweet Potato Vine PC: Ballseed.com

PC: Ballseed.com. (Ipomoea batatas ‘Balsotowime’). GBBG Select plant.

As part of our Butterflies & Blooms collection (plants that are featured in the house or in the surrounding garden), this has the feel of a tropical jungle plant in the variety of an ornamental sweet potato vine. It can be used on trellises in full sun to provide a curtain of great lime green color all summer long. Its vining habit is perfect also for hanging baskets or as a backdrop for larger containers when attached to a trellis. Purchase it with our other Butterflies & Blooms plants to create your own butterfly garden!

Pony Tails Feather Grass

Pony Tails Feather Grass PC Palmaverde.nl

PC: Palmaverde.nl. (Stipa tenuissima ‘Pony Tails’)GBBG Select plant.

Part of our Green Bay Botanical Garden selection, this annual grass was chosen because of its popularity with visitors during last summer. We received countless questions about it! Unfortunately, this plant isn’t regularly carried by local plant vendors and nurseries, so we wanted to give you all a chance to buy this beauty and try it in your own gardens. It’s artfully used for adding an airy texture and height to landscaping and containers.

Ghost Pepper

Ghost Pepper PC: bonnieplants.com

PC: bonnieplants.com. (Capsicum chinense × Capsicum fructescens aka: Bhut Jolokia). GBBG Select plant.

The infamous, “world’s hottest pepper,” or at least it was when it held the title earlier in the decade, this plant was chosen by our Horticulture team mostly for the novelty of its truly unforgiving heat. Topping 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units – normal Jalapeno peppers are 2,500 SHU – this pepper warrants using extreme caution in handling, usually gloves and eye protection. These peppers can be used sparingly in hot sauces and as dried flakes in other recipes.

Mad Hatter Bishop’s Crown Pepper

Mad Hatter Bishop’s Crown Pepper PC: All-America Selections

PC: All-America Selection. (Capsicum annuum ‘Mad Hatter’).

An AAS-winning pepper introduced in 2017, this is one of our favorites due to its mild heat and unique appearance. “Bishop’s Crown” refers to the growth of the fruit into a lobed and misshapen form. With just 500 SHUs, this pepper is much less potent than even a jalapeño and can be used in salsa and hot sauces as well as being stuffed, canned, sautéed or eaten fresh.

We hope you can make it to Garden Fair to see all of the wonderful booths and vendors we have to offer. Be sure to stop by for the many different types of flowers, fruits and vegetables available at Green Bay Botanical Garden’s booth, and don’t hesitate to ask us your gardening questions while you’re here!

REMINDER: Our first-ever butterfly exhibit, Butterflies & Blooms, opens on Saturday, June 1, day #2 of Garden Fair! The exhibit features more than 20 species of native butterflies, showcases the plants these pollinators love and highlights why they are so crucial to our ecosystem. Open daily from 10 am-5 pm June 1 through August 31, this exhibit is a must-see and we hope to see you there!