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A Garden Logo Blooms Again

By Rachel Mueller, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

As the Garden continues to grow and as we strive to expand our reach throughout the upper Midwest, we’re excited to unveil our refreshed logo!

Why the new look?

While our former logo has served us well for the past 15 years, we’ve grown from a dream in the eyes of visionary garden lovers to a flourishing destination in northeast Wisconsin. Attendance at the Garden has more than tripled. From developing multiple new gardens to building an education center and a stunning concert venue to hosting exhibits, much has changed at the Garden and we wanted to reflect that in this new look.

How did you decide what the change would be?

We’ve been hard at work gathering your feedback on all we’ve been doing at the Garden the last few years, including adding a traveling exhibit (Nature Connects®), switching up our programs to better serve visitors of all kinds and creating a new butterfly exhibit. Through surveys and focus groups and listening to what you’ve been saying online or when you’re here for a visit, we’ve heard you loud and clear: You told us one of the things you love about the Garden is that it’s always changing.

As a four-season garden, we couldn’t agree more! Because of your thoughts and feedback and months of research, we’re refreshing how we talk about the Garden and the visual images we share moving forward to promote the Garden.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Old logo


green bay botanical garden new logo

New logo

What stayed?

The new logo still showcases our signature “spray,” a key piece that you can find throughout the Garden in different forms.

What changed?

While we still have our “spray,” it’s more lively and colorful, just like the Garden itself. Our font has become softer and more welcoming, replacing the block letters we had before. Even our color palette has expanded, allowing us to remain vibrant and dynamic as the seasons change so clearly in the Garden.

Our new logo is more organic, more modern to better complement who we are and strive to be as your Garden. We’re remaining true to our identity that we’ve long established in our community and with this logo, we’ll be able to maintain that for years to come.

green bay botanical garden new logo

The expanded palette gives us more ways to experiment with color to represent the Garden in all seasons.

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks and months you’ll see our new logo begin to appear on more and more of our promotional materials from our website and social media profiles to posters and brochures, and throughout the Garden.

We hope you’ll enjoy the fresh, colorful design that mirrors the unparalleled beauty you experience at the Garden in every season!

green bay botanical garden new logo horizontal

A special thank you to Susan Baranczyk, O’Connor Connective, KHROME and our focus group participants for making a huge impact on the future of the Garden.