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4 Things to Know If You’re Thinking About Throwing a Couple’s Shower

By Kristin Bartel, Event Services Assistant

Ever considered having a couple’s shower? It’s becoming more and more common for engaged couples and their loved ones to throw this more inclusive party ahead of their wedding. Couple’s showers (also called wedding showers) get everyone together from both families and celebrates the couple instead of the more traditional bridal shower that is reserved for a bride and the women in her life.

Here are some tips and tricks if you’re considering throwing a shower for the special couple.

Jamie & Craig | Kelsey Barth Photography LLC
PC: Kelsey Barth Photography LLC

Why throw a couple’s shower?

A shower can be the perfect way to celebrate the couple who plans to tie the knot. These showers might be elaborate evening dinners or a casual lunch – wedding showers tend to be on the more casual side but there aren’t any rules about planning, so do what feels best for the couple. Ultimately, the shower will remind them of the friends and family that are supporting them during their wedding journey and who will support them in their marriage for years to come.

bridal party PC: Abigail Miles Photography
PC: Abigail Miles Photography

When should we throw the shower?

Usually showers can happen anywhere between four months to two weeks before the wedding itself. To help alleviate some of the couple’s stress from wedding planning, we recommend choosing a date that is one or two months ahead of the special day. This gives time to first focus on the shower plus any other planned festivities and then on any final to-dos for the upcoming wedding. If many of your guests will be coming from further away and will be staying overnight, consider making it a weekend celebration instead and include any bachelor/bachelorette parties in the same weekend.

Jamie & Craig | Kelsey Barth Photography LLC
PC: Kelsey Barth Photography LLC

Who do I invite to the shower?

The guest list can be very flexible for a wedding shower and can include anyone that’s close to the couple. Sharing in this celebration together might be a good bonding moment for the couple and help bring their respective families and friends closer together, as well as giving your wedding party a chance to meet and get to know each other before the big day!

guests in cornerstone foundation hall
PC: Audrey Thomas Photography

Where should we have the shower?

Location might depend on size of the guest list, your theme and the budget. If the guest list is on the bigger side, hosting the party at someone’s house may be a tight fit. Consider renting a space that will be roomy enough for everyone. If you’re planning the shower with a theme (garden, sports, pool party, movies, etc.), looking for a place that fits your theme will help pull your party together and give it that special, finishing touch. If you’re trying to keep shower costs within a specific budget, see if hosting it at someone’s house is an option. Sometimes a smaller, more intimate shower is better suited to the couple.

No matter what type of shower you decide to have, don’t forget to have fun with it! You’re celebrating the couple and their upcoming special day, and that’s the most important thing.

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