Wedded Bliss & Blooms: Haylee & Anson


Q: How did Haylee and Anson meet?

A: The story of how Haylee and Anson met was sort of an unusual one — so much so that they kind of twisted the details for the first couple of years when people asked how they met. But eight plus years into the relationship, now they embrace the uniqueness of their introduction.

In 2012, Haylee traveled to her first ever college spring break in Panama City Beach with two of her closest friends. Anson was also going to PCB for spring break at the same time with some of his military friends, high school buddies and cousins. Luckily, Haylee and Anson were booked to stay at the same hotel. One night, as Haylee was headed to go out with her friend, she realized she forgot her ID and had to turn around to go back to the hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel with her friend Tylynn, she noticed a taxi pull up and a group of guys getting out. Haylee whispered to Tylynn, “Those guys are cute, come on!” So they hustled a little bit to get up by the group and next thing you know, everyone started talking. Anson immediately caught Haylee’s eye. He was attractive, had a fantastic smile and was obviously the funny one. Anson was also drawn to Haylee right from the start.

woman and man wedding couple embracing on green lawn
PC: Jay and Tay Photography

He asked for her number and took his first picture with her all within 15 minutes of first meeting her. They proceeded to talk and hangout for the final two days that Haylee was on the trip, and it’s safe to say they both probably expected the spring fling romance to end there. However, they continued to talk every day after the trip, long after Haylee was back in Wisconsin and Anson was back in Colorado where he was stationed for the military.

They skyped almost every night and a month and a half later, Anson made a trip to Wisconsin and they made it “official.” They proceeded to date long distance for the next three years, flying back and forth between Wisconsin and Colorado every other month to see each other. Anson got stationed in Florida about 6 months before Haylee graduated college, in which Haylee moved down to Florida the summer after that. 

Starting their relationship off on the premise of having to travel to see each other, they became really good at planning trips. Now that has become a staple part of their relationship. Currently living in the Central Coast of California, Anson and Haylee make travel an important part of their relationship. They have been to 24 different countries together, and nearly all of the states in the U.S. They have become known as “that travel couple.”

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PC: Jay and Tay Photography

Q: How would you describe your wedding style?

A (Haylee): Our wedding theme was travel, obviously. There were so many details of it that we loved, mostly because we created all of the little details ourselves. Each of our 23 guest tables was themed a different country or city we have traveled to together, with souvenirs and photos we had from that place. It was kind of a fun way to let our guests really “travel” to their “destination” and immerse themselves in one small part of our history together. 

man and woman wedding couple embracing in belvedere structure
PC: Jay and Tay Photography

Our “guest book” was a vintage map that people signed and is now displayed proudly on a wall in our home. The guests’ place cards were luggage tags, we had specialty cocktails that were national drinks from some of our favorite countries (drinks we tried while travelling there) and our cake was a suitcase with a globe! There were so many little touches that were unique to us and our relationship, as well as the travels we’ve had together around the world which really made the wedding “us.”  

wedding party celebrating among dwarf conifer trees
PC: Jay and Tay Photography

We chose the Green Bay Botanical Garden because it’s point blank one of the most beautiful places in the area to have a wedding ceremony. Anson’s family all came up from Miami, and being that his family is Haitian, they love flowers and being outside, so we thought this would be a great surprise for them as well. Honestly, we couldn’t have been happier with how beautiful our venue was.

Q: What was special about your ceremony?

A: My favorite part was hands down the people. Anson and I have so many friends and family spread all over not only the country, but the world, and we had people from literally everywhere travel to see our wedding. Haiti, Australia, the Middle East, west coast, east coast, north, south… it was amazing and so heartwarming to have such a big celebration with everyone we love. This was the one and only event to truly bring everyone together like that.

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PC: Jay and Tay Photography

Q: What would you tell a couple who are planning to get married and are potentially looking at the Garden as a venue option?

A: Stop thinking you “need” to spend money on this and that because you think it’ll make the difference. It won’t. There are so many things that I felt I needed for the wedding that really nobody even noticed, and what mattered most was just enjoying the day and being present. Know that not everything will go as planned and you just have to go with the flow and realize that everything is amazing regardless. 

As for an outdoor wedding, don’t stress about the weather. You can’t control it and there’s nothing you can do to change it, so stressing for months and weeks leading up to the event is only going to make you feel worse. In my opinion, even if it had poured all day, I still would have opted for the beautiful venue we had versus being closed indoors.


  • Photography: Jay and Tay Photography
  • Videography: Michael Cortes Pro
  • DJ: Shaun Anthony Entertainment
  • Reception Venue: Tundra Lodge
  • Flowers: Nature’s Best Floral
  • Party Bus: Ravine Limo
  • Cake: Monzu Bakery