2021 Garden Designs: Schierl South Terrace & Wellhouse

By Janelle Fisher, Marketing & Communications Intern

Whether you visit the Green Bay Botanical Garden in spring, summer or fall, our horticulturists have been working hard to make sure there will be a beautiful assortment of plants and flowers for you to marvel at.

This year, each garden space has been carefully planned to include designs inspired by events happening at the Garden as well as some personal favorite plants of the horticulturists.

Here’s Mark Konlock, our Director of Horticulture, to share a bit about what he’s been working on in his garden spaces!

Q: How would you describe your garden spaces?

A (Mark): “In recent years we have been incorporating tropicals and large annuals into the Schierl South Terrace, so it has made that area have a unique feel and it gives visitors ideas of how to add these large plants into their own established planting beds to give you a jungle-like wow factor!

schierl wellhouse in fall
Schierl Wellhouse in 2020

The Schierl Wellhouse planting is always a nice bed because of the Wellhouse structure and how the plantings need to tie into that structure.  I have tried to incorporate a lot of textural contrast in the planting since the colors are a bit dark.”

Q: What inspired your designs this year?

A: The Garden’s 25th Anniversary inspired the inclusion of many silver plants throughout many of the garden spaces this year. Additionally, you will see many blue plants have been included to go along with Washed Ashore.

Mark also designed a 25th-inspired spring display in front of the Schierl Wellhouse this year. See it this May at the Garden!

Q: Do you have a favorite plant (or plants) this year? Where in the Garden will visitors be able to find it?

A: “Zinnia hybrida ‘Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor’ is my favorite this year because it is getting a lot of buzz, and because we actually trialed it here at the Garden last year as part of our All-America Selections work. 

Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor

The really cool thing about this zinnia is how the colors start as red yellow bicolor and then ages to shades of apricot and peach so you get this whole other look from the same plant as the season progresses.”

Q: When would be the best time to visit your garden spaces?

A: “It will best to see these garden beds in July, August and September, when they are in the full glory of the growing season and have filled in to complete the design.”

Q: What advice can you offer to someone starting a garden at home?

A: “First plant what you like and what gets you excited. I like trying something new every year, so I recommend that as well. It might just be new to you, it doesn’t have to be a plant new on the market. Try growing some plants from seed. It is fun and you will get more plants for your money!”

Make sure you check out Mark’s designs during your next visit to the Garden and be on the lookout for more interviews with the rest of our horticulturists!