Where Animals Go During Winter: Reptiles & Amphibians

By Michael P., Education Intern A few weeks ago we dove deeper into how birds, bees and other bugs survive winter’s cold temperatures by migrating, burrowing or colonies dying off except for the queen who would start a new generation in spring. This week, it’s our final installment and we’re going to be covering a […]


Where Animals Go During Winter: Birds, Bees & Other Bugs

By Michael P., Education Intern Last time, we specifically talked about how mammals like squirrels, chipmunks and bears survive throughout the winter season in Wisconsin. This week, we’ll highlight the strategies that beneficial pollinators and other species of birds, bees and insects use that are different from mammals. Birds Birds have a big advantage over […]


Where Animals Go During Winter: Mammals

By Michael P., Education Intern Anyone has who a garden may have seen bumble bees and honeybees buzzing about at the start of October. While bugs were beginning to slow down, they were still out and about, gearing up for winter. Now their activity has ceased, and we don’t see any bees or butterflies flitting […]


5 Animals We Actually Might Want to See Around Our Gardens

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Seeing a skunk in the garden may come as a shock to most, but different animals in our garden are actually a good thing! When you have skunks, foxes, snakes and woodchucks around, it’s typically a sign of a healthy garden and means you’re building a reliable […]


5 Things to Do if You Want to Try Holistic Gardening

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Holistic garden (n): a place where gardeners, plants, animals and the environment interact to create something greater than the sum of its individual parts. This sense of holism, meaning the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, exactly describes holistic gardening! Rather than designing a […]


A Butterfly’s Favorite Meals – the Good and the Gross!

By Kelle Hartman, Children & Family Educator When asked about a butterfly’s favorite food, most people will answer flowers or nectar. While this is true for many types of butterflies, they also have an appetite for many other foods, some of them being downright icky! Leaves VC: Lisa Hartlund OK, it’s the caterpillars that eat […]


How Plants Survive the Winter: Damage Prevention Tips

By Michael P., Education Intern With all of the challenges posed to plants in the winter season, what can you do to protect your plants from the cold? We’ve got a few tips, some are easy to do, while others require a bit of creativity: Know what plants are cold tolerant and which aren’t. Knowing […]


How Plants Survive the Winter: Adaptations & Damage

By Michael P., Education Intern If you’re reading from Wisconsin, you’ve very likely felt the chill in the air this autumn and seen the colors of tree leaves transform from a sea of green into a brilliant portrait of reds, golds and browns. While the fall is a great time for us to get outdoors […]


Humanity & the Herbs

By Jackie Johnson ND, Northeast Wisconsin Herb Society The lives of men and plants have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Scientists offer many concepts based on current speculations.  Various cultures and religions offer a whole different perspective about creation. Myth, legend and lore glean offer yet even more theories. Greek mythology has an […]


Pollinator Feature: 5 “Bad Boys” of the Pollinator World

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern In an attempt to enjoy a beautiful summer day, crawling and buzzing insects can be so bothersome to the point that reaching toward a fly swatter is involuntary. However, most of the creatures that tend to annoy us or cause a ruckus during these warm months are […]