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Pollinator Family Feature: Painted Ladies

By Rylee Osterberg, Spring Education Intern Picture yourself walking through the Garden in early summer, basking in the beauty and colors of early summer flowers. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot an orange butterfly with black and white spots casually resting on a thistle. Although it looks like a monarch, it’s not […]

Butterflies & Blooms Flies into the Garden on June 1

By Ryan Hammes, Horticulturist Surround yourself with friendly pollinators and the plants they love this summer! Our first-ever interactive butterfly exhibit, Butterflies & Blooms, starts this June and features a variety of butterfly species native to Wisconsin such as the Red-Spotted Purple, Mourning Cloak, Black Swallowtail, Eastern Comma, Painted Lady, as well as other familiar […]

Pollinator Family Feature: Monarch and Mimic

By Kelle Hartman, Children & Family Educator You spot a flash of orange and black flitting through your yard and instantly think Monarch! But is it really? The Monarch butterfly is perhaps the most well-known butterfly that’s seen in Wisconsin. Their bright orange colors are easily recognized even by young children and their caterpillars can […]

6 Spring Blooming Natives for Our Pollinators

By Rylee Osterberg, Education Intern Wisconsin is known for its lush forests and rolling pastures. But did you know that some of the most ecologically sustainable plants in Wisconsin are the ones found on the forest floor and on the side of the road? Native woodland plants are already adapted to the local climate because […]

5 Tips to Help You Start Your Native Garden

By Kate Miller, Horticulturist If you read our recent blog post on why incorporating native plants into your garden or landscape is so important, you’re ready to get some practical tips on how to plant native flowers, grasses, trees, shrubs, etc. Designing gardens and landscapes with native plants is a great step toward supporting your […]