Work in progress! You’ll notice we’re bringing you a new and improved entry into the Garden. Please pardon our mess while we work to complete our parking improvements.

Garden Enthusiast

Be surrounded by fantastic fall colors.

Want to find what’s still in bloom? Looking to be inspired by nature’s transition into autumn? We’ve got you covered! Use this custom guide along with your Garden map for a quick tour.

cottage garden in fall

Vanderperren English Cottage Garden

Vanderperren English Cottage Garden

Stop at the Vanderperren English Cottage Garden & Rose Cottage (23) first for a vibrant and breathtaking mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Then, walk through the Lux Foundation Upper Rose Garden (24)  on your way to the Kress Oval Garden (21) to see a variety of late-blooming flowers and fall plants.

The Belvedere & Some Shade

Head out to the Stumpf Belvedere (20) for a scenic view of the Partnership Gardens (18) including the All-America Selections trials. Then, continue down the blacktop hill. You’ll pass by the Daylily Display Garden (8) with more than 200 types of daylilies (usually in bloom in July!) and walk through the Meyer Bridge (9) to get to the King Shade Garden (17).

This area features the beautiful Spring House Ruin, the secluded Jenquine Pavilion & Overlook Garden (16) and an oasis of more than 275 kinds of hostas and other shade-loving plants.

Once you hike back out of the King Shade Garden, head to the right to see the Stumpf Hobbit House (14) (directly across from the butterfly house area which opens in summer) and get a drink of water or stop for a bathroom break.

The Pond Loop & Native Plants

It’s time to head back to the Fischer Visitor Center (1): You have two path options.

More Things to Do

It’s nature’s awe-inspiring switch to autumn! Take in the colorful leaves and crisp fall air, explore the abundance of fall perennials and annuals throughout the Garden, and absorb the last weeks of beauty (complete with a music performance) before our blooms hibernate for the winter.

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