Join the Food Movement

There’s no better way to know where your food comes from then by growing it yourself. We believe in eating clean, healthy vegetables and this year we’re committed to showing you how to grow your own with tips from our experts.

Recipes Using Veggies from Your Garden

Lettuce crank up the volume on our cooking this summer and eat fresh! Beet the grocery store lines and grow your own veggies to have access to the freshest produce available. Don’t have room for a garden? Visit your local farmers market. Turnip the heat and cook with some new and exciting varieties you’ve never tried before. Cook loud. Be healthy. Eat fresh. Join the food movement!

Enjoy some of these delicious recipes from Chef Jonathan Bardzik on the National Garden Bureau website. Beets not your thing? Chef Bardzik also has a great recipe for Minestrone Pasta using All-America Selections winners. If you are craving more variety, Renee’s Garden also has many great recipes using vegetables available on their website. From arugula to zucchini, there’s something for everyone!

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Facebook Live Segments

Follow us every month on Facebook for a live segment discussing insight for home gardeners on vegetable gardening. We encourage you to ask questions so we can answer real time and share tips with others.

February | Tips to Plan Your Veggie Garden

Sourcing for seeds, garden layout and preparations.

March | How to Start Your Veggie Seeds

Planting seeds, growing conditions, and starting indoors.

April | Hardening Off Your Plants for Outdoor Conditions

Seed hardening and preparing plants to move outdoors.