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Spending more time at home right now? Running out of things to do with the kids? We’ve got what you need right here to stay planted during these times!

See the Garden in winter with updates from our essential Horticulture Team, get plant tips for your living spaces from container gardens to spacious backyards, try new and easy nature-themed activities with your kids and plenty more!

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Get Gardening Tips

Mondays with Mark Facebook Series

Join us on Facebook every Monday morning (May-October) around 9:30-10 am – or check out our YouTube playlist – for a series on gardening tips from Mark, Director of Horticulture. Want to know more about nature in Wisconsin? Check out our weekly Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 10:30 am.

Untidy Your Yard for Pollinators

Raking leaves, cutting back plants and cleaning up our landscape is part of our typical fall checklist, but did you know that beneficial pollinators, insects and other animals rely on autumn debris and dried plants for shelter and food in the winter?

Download our handout for a few tips on you can make your yard “untidy” for pollinators this year!

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Activities to Do

Nature-Themed Activities for Kids

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Nature-Themed Activities for Kids

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Read the Blog

Check out our blog for a wealth of information on plants, gardening pollinators and more, or discover gardening tips and trends our Horticulture Team recommends through our website.

Stay tuned for more gardening and nature-themed activities and how-to videos from our Education Team!

Other Resources

Here are some class instructors we typically work with throughout the year. Stayed updated on the educational content they’re providing virtually at this time:

Don’t forget to check out our local garden clubs, too!

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One of the easiest things you can do for the Garden right now is to buy a yearly membership, which start as low as $45 and come with a wide variety of perks, including free daily admission.

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