Rose Trials

American Rose Trial for Sustainability or A.R.T.S.®

Trialing Roses in Titletown and Brewer Country: How the American Rose Trials for Sustainability® Trialing Partnership Sprouted Between Two Wisconsin Botanical Gardens

This trial includes 20 shrub roses in 3 replicated blocks, equaling 60 plants total, which were planted and watered for a few weeks to establish them. After that, the shrub roses received no supplemental water, no fertilizer, no pesticide treatment, and no winter protection. The idea is to find beautiful flowering roses that require very minimal care and are not susceptible to insects and disease. These roses are trialed for two years (after which a new group is planted) and evaluated monthly by our horticulture team. The A.R.T.S. ® trial is located to the east of the Magnolia Grove behind the Matthew Schmidt Garden. Green Bay Botanical Garden is one of 23 national sites in the A.R.T.S. ® program. The Look for A.R.T.S. ® winning roses in garden centers in the upcoming years.

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