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Raising Backyard Chickens

Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM  | Location: Green Bay Botanical Garden

Details: Val Dantoin, NWTC Sustainable Ag Educator Are backyard chickens legal in Brown County? Which breed is best to start with? Do I...

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Drop-In Snowshoe Hikes

Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM  | Location: Green Bay Botanical Garden

Details: There is just enough snow to be on snowshoes this Thursday, January 18, join in the fun! GBBG Education Staff Join us...

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About Us

“The landscape of the Garden, now covered in lush vegetation, was once a bleak, forgotten, orchard dotted with telephone poles and power lines. Its transformation into the restful gathering place we know today came as a result of hard work and determination by a group of dedicated volunteers who came together through their love of horticulture and a desire to provide the community with a place for learning and enjoyment, for celebration, solace, and remembrance. The history of their mission to create a botanical garden for Northeastern Wisconsin is more than simply a record of the challenges and successes of this huge undertaking. It is a valuable example of how visionaries can bring seemingly impossible dreams to life through community outreach, partnerships and enduring effort.” (A Place for Everyone: The History of Green Bay Botanical Garden, Somerville, 2016, p.3)

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Rooted in Community

Green Bay Botanical Garden is a 100% community supported non-profit that connects people with plants in an environment that engages, inspires and refreshes.

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