How to Help the Trees in Your Neighborhood & Beyond

By Janie Hodny, Marketing & Communications Intern Trees are one of the most helpful plants on Earth. They are an important part of ecosystems everywhere, providing habitats as well as food for numerous animals and organisms, including humans. They help clean the air around us, provide us with breathable air, and give shade during the […]

Gardening with Disabilities

By Janie Hodny, Marketing & Communications Intern This month, the Garden has partnered with ASPIRO and No Limits on their “More Alike Than Different” Ability Awareness Campaign. You may have seen the signs in the Garden! The No Limits Ability Awareness Campaign, led by ASPIRO, was started in 2016 with a goal of achieving greater […]

The Life & Times of the Dragonfly

By Janie Hodny, Marketing & Communications Intern Dragonflies are more than just an insect that can fly backwards. They are an important factor in habitats and ecosystems. Worldwide, there are approximately 6,500 different species of dragonflies! Out of the 6,500 species, 164 of them are native to Wisconsin. Some of these species include the ZigZag […]

Sharing the Bounty: Early Summer Partnership with Brown County Extension & New Leaf Foods Helps Local Gardeners This Growing Season

By Janie Hodny, Marketing & Communications Intern Earlier this year, Green Bay Botanical Garden successfully donated more than a thousand plants to the New Leaf Foods Garden Blitz and the Extension Brown County Community Gardens Program for the second year in a row! The 1,248 plants donated are considered winners from the All-America Selections (AAS) […]