4 Sustainable Water Practices for Your Garden

By Josie Knuth, Marketing & Communications Intern Water. It’s essential for all life, including the life growing in your garden, landscape, and plant containers flourishing in your living space. While it’s important to make sure your garden is properly watered, there are certain watering practices that contribute to the global water problem. It may not […]

Protect the Environment by Planting a Rain Garden

By Janelle Fisher, Marketing & Communications Intern There are plenty of reasons to create a rain garden in your yard other than the obvious aesthetic benefits. By planting and maintaining a rain garden, you’re improving groundwater, protecting streams and lakes, and preventing flooding! A rain garden’s main purpose is to capture and filter runoff contaminants […]

The Partnership That Grew the Garden

By Rachel Mueller, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Today, Green Bay Botanical Garden spans 47 acres full of natural Wisconsin scenes and features more than 60,000 breathtaking plants and flowers. 25 years ago, it was an undeveloped area with limitless potential. Nearly 25 years before that, it was an idea in the minds of a few […]

6 Facts about Water Pollution in the Great Lakes

By Josie Knuth, Marketing & Communications Intern If you get the chance to visit us this summer, you will see eight larger than life sculptures scattered throughout the Garden which are part of the Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea exhibit. This exhibit features several water-loving sea creatures including Chompers the Shark and Priscilla […]

Composting Basics You Need to Know

By Janelle Fisher, Spring Marketing & Communications Intern Composting can be as easy to start as you want it to be, and you have a few options when it comes to compost collection. You can either purchase a composting bin, use an old trash can or wooden chest, or just create a freestanding pile. There […]