When You Invest in Plants & People – You Change Lives

By Linda Gustke, Education Manager YOU helped a child struggling to understand… Wade is a local 3rd grader. This fall, his class studied pollination. The new vocabulary terms, plant parts and the overall process were confusing him. Wade does really well with hands-on learning, but with limited access to resources, real-life science experiences are hard for his teacher to create […]

Wedded Bliss & Blooms: Michelle & Adam

Michelle & Adam | May 27, 2017 Kress Oval Garden   Everything about Adam and Michelle’s wedding day embodied a modern-day fairy tale, from their high school sweetheart status to the bride’s majestic floral crown. The pair met on a school trip to Wisconsin Dells and have been together ever since. This summer they exchanged […]

Blazin’ Lime iresine

By Lindsay Hendricks, Assistant Director of Horticulture Many of us have probably heard the term ‘chimera’ before. You know, the mythological Greek creature with a lion’s head, goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail? Basically, a made-up creature composed of incongruous parts. As mythological as this concept is in the animal kingdom, it is actually a […]

Wedded Bliss & Blooms: Jamie & Craig

Jamie & Craig | August 13, 2016 Johnson Woodland Garden & Cornerstone Foundation Hall Jamie and Craig, like a lot of couples over the last few years, had their hearts set on a barn wedding. However, after visiting a few venues Jamie, the bride, told us that she and Craig “realized our style was more […]

Grand Garden: Planting Days

By Susan Garot, Executive Director The Grand Garden construction is nearing completion and soon the landscaping will begin. Another way you can help us achieve the dream is by volunteering at a Weed & Feed. The second Wednesday of July and August will be planting days in the Grand Garden. With over 12,500 perennials, trees and […]

Grow a Sustainable Garden: Part 3

By Adam Dziewa, Education Intern Beyond sustainability in our landscape, the Garden has infused sustainable practices throughout our operations. From timed lights to dual flush toilets, environmentally conscious cleaning products to compost programs in our garden and our lunch room, our newer facilities have been designed and are maintain with the environment in mind. Schneider Education […]

Grow A Sustainable Garden: Part 2

By Adam Dziewa, Education Intern Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man. ~ Stewart Udall Now that we’ve cleaned up our water, soil and weeds, let’s take a look our sustainability as it relates to our plantings, including flowers and lawns. As you are planning out your […]

Grow A Sustainable Garden: Part 1

by Adam Dziewa, Education Intern Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels. ~Shari Arison I hope everyone was able to enjoy Earth Day a few weeks ago! From the Garden’s mindset, we celebrate Earth Day year round by educating the communities of Northeast Wisconsin. […]