The Garden is open 9 am-8 pm daily (except Thursdays, 9 am-4:30 pm) through August 31. Garden grounds are open, but access to buildings is limited. See details below.

An Edu-taining Experience: How the Butterflies & Blooms Exhibit Fosters Fun in a Learning Environment

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Our mission and ultimate goal at Green Bay Botanical Garden is, and has always been, to connect people with plants and to serve as an educational and inspiring horticultural destination. All of our display beds and plant collections are designed to give our visitors inspiration and ideas […]

Build a Butterfly Sanctuary: Three Steps to Increase the Butterfly Population in Your Living Space

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern In the Green Bay area, our open and outdoor spaces are filled with excitement at the sight of caterpillars stretching out across leaves and butterflies fluttering toward flowers. Their beauty evokes our admiration and their presence gives us hope because of the essential role they have in […]

SAFE Monarchs (Save Animals from Extinction): Three Things You Can do to Save Monarchs

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern In North America, the existence of monarchs is threatened by habitat loss, pesticides and climate change. Monarchs are members of the essential pollinator population, so it’s crucial that they are protected as much as possible. That’s why the SAFE (Save Animals from Extinction) Monarchs conservation program work […]

Pollinator Feature: Not Just the Honeybees

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Out in the summertime sun, all kinds of insects are flying in the air around us or moving on the ground below our feet. Warmer temperatures invite these creatures, and humans, outside where sometimes it becomes not as easy to coexist. When we see a bee or […]

Murder Hornets: Three Things You Need to Know

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Since two Asian giant hornets, otherwise known as “murder hornets,” were spotted for the first time in Washington last fall, there has been a spike in concern about the wrath that these creatures can inflict on honeybee hives. The murder hornets decapitate the honeybees in a matter […]

Find the Perfect Pollinator Plant for Your Living Space

Lindsay Hendricks, Assistant Director of Horticulture After a long winter’s nap, pollinators are slowly starting to emerge. Conserving these creatures is vitally important, as the health of our ecosystems hangs in the balance. So, why not give them a warm welcome from their slumber with a pollinator-friendly plant? Our horticulturists chose their top five annuals […]