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5 Things to Do if You Want to Try Holistic Gardening

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Holistic garden (n): a place where gardeners, plants, animals and the environment interact to create something greater than the sum of its individual parts. This sense of holism, meaning the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, exactly describes holistic gardening! Rather than designing a […]

Pollinator Migration: Who Goes?

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern When record-breaking cold temperatures hit Wisconsin during our brutal winters, many of us are dreaming of warmer weather. Some people endure the piles and piles of snow that arrive while others travel to destinations that are closer to the equator. Turns out, some pollinators are like those […]

Natural Connections

By Kelle Hartman, Children & Family Educator September. Already. It seems like summer just started and now we’re getting ready for cooler days. Time keeps on ticking and I often have to remind myself to slow down, to be here and now. The other morning over coffee, I sat watching a bluebird flit around my […]

Pollinator Family Feature: Swallowtails

By Carissa Friebe, Education Intern Picture this. It’s a gorgeous day so you head out for a refreshing walk in nature and you see butterflies flying around from flower to flower. Then, you spot one you haven’t really noticed before, a butterfly with large wings and beautiful markings. The butterfly you’ve discovered is most likely […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Brunch Wedding

By Hannah O’Connor, Sales & Rental Coordinator Early birds get the wedding rings? If you’re an early riser, a newer trend in the wedding world might be just what you need for your big day… a brunch wedding! Brunch weddings are becoming a more and more popular option for couples looking to plan something other […]

5 Native Caterpillars You’ll Find Outside

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Whether it’s hiding underneath a leaf or inching across a trail, a caterpillar may catch your eye this summer. Caterpillars are constantly eating so they can grow into butterflies or moths. Whether they are traveling to find a snack or already nibbling on greenery, plenty of caterpillars […]

A Garden Logo Blooms Again

By Rachel Mueller, Marketing & Communications Coordinator As the Garden continues to grow and as we strive to expand our reach throughout the upper Midwest, we’re excited to unveil our refreshed logo! Why the new look? While our former logo has served us well for the past 15 years, we’ve grown from a dream in […]