Guest Post: Family Meal Planning with 416

By Bridgett Lowery, 416 As the warmth of summer turns to the crisp air of fall, I feel like a rhythm comes over our family. I hear from most families that “Back to School” means back to a routine. And while routines look different for every family, there is one question asked every night in […]

Reflection: Seeds to Snacks

By Maryssa Paulsen, Education Intern This summer was Green Bay Botanical Garden’s second time hosting Seeds to Snacks, a drop-in program that takes place on Thursday evenings in the Partnership Gardens prior to our Sanimax Concert Series. This program is an opportunity for guests to create a fresh garden snack from our weekly harvest. As the […]

Harvest Time: Roasted Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe

Linda Gustke, Education Manager If you’re like me, you never seem to have enough time to eat all of the awesome tomatoes you get from your garden (or the farmers market!). Use those tomatoes to make this simple tomato sauce that freezes easily, leaving you with garden fresh sauce all year long. Ingredients 8 medium […]

Asian-Centric Expansion on the Garden’s Horizon

By Rachel Mueller, Marketing and Communications Coordinator In a few short years, visitors to Green Bay Botanical Garden could experience a brand new space emphasizing gardens from a variety of Asian cultures. With the construction of the Donald J. Schneider Family Grand Garden last year, areas within the venue were prepped for future specialty spaces. […]

Garden Pests and Diseases

By Maryssa Paulsen, Education Intern Now that you’ve worked hard to gather your seeds and plant them, we want to help your garden succeed as you continue to watch and care for it. You may be concerned about pests or diseases or maybe you’ve already noticed signs of their presence. We hope to alleviate some of […]