Buy admission online! Admission is $2 more at the door. The Garden is open 9 am-6:30 pm daily in September. Garden grounds are open, but access to buildings is limited. See details below.

Six Must-See Plant Collections at the Garden

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern The Garden has been alive with colorful and lush green flora for almost 25 years. With their backs craned over flowerbeds and their hands immersed in soil, our horticulturists, volunteers, donors and garden designers have been incredibly influential in creating and organizing different parts of the Garden […]

Humanity & the Herbs

By Jackie Johnson ND, Northeast Wisconsin Herb Society The lives of men and plants have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Scientists offer many concepts based on current speculations.  Various cultures and religions offer a whole different perspective about creation. Myth, legend and lore glean offer yet even more theories. Greek mythology has an […]

Pollinator Migration Roundup: Who Stays and Who Goes?

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern When record-breaking cold temperatures hit Wisconsin during our brutal winters, some of us endure the piles and piles of snow that arrive while others travel to warmer destinations. It turns out, pollinators do the same thing: some of them stay and some of them go. Pollinators that […]

Pollinator Feature: Beetles, Birds and Bats – The 3 B’s of Lesser Known Pollinators

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Bees and butterflies are two of the most famous types of pollinators, and ironically, they both start with the letter b. This alliteration is made up of extremely essential creatures that help fertilize plants, so they can produce fruits, seeds and other young plants. However, this extensive, […]

Eating Daylilies: The Dos and Don’ts

By Ta’Leah Van Sistine, Marketing & Communications Intern Flowers are typically things we admire. We walk through gardens, woods and other natural landscapes and hover when we see flowers we like – pointing at them and commenting how much we enjoy their shape and color. Marveling at these plants and then eating them, on the […]