Grand Garden: Walled In

By Mark A. Konlock, Director of Horticulture Despite the cold weather and the random precipitation (rain, snow, freezing rain), Miron and their subcontractors are moving forward nicely on the Grand Garden construction. As you can see in the pictures, the masons are working on the retaining walls and structural walls under cover of a plastic […]

Botanical Spotlight: Dragon

By Linda Gustke, Education Manager As our New Year approaches, I look to one mythical element of WPS Garden of Lights that is a symbol of the Chinese New Year, the Dragon. When I think of dragons, I think of huge, scary, fire-breathing beings that are evil and destructive. But to the Chinese, the dragon […]

Grand Garden: Great Progress

By Susan Garot, Executive Director Are you as amazed as I am to see the changes taking place in our Grand Garden? The mild weather through early December allowed the construction crew to make great progress, putting us a bit ahead of schedule. We anticipate building construction to be completed by end of May 2017, […]

Botanical Spotlight: Winter Solstice

By Linda Gustke, Education Manager Winter Solstice is coming this week! While most people associate the Winter Solstice with the whole day, it is actually at a specific time. It is an astronomical event that occurs when the sun is directly above the Tropic of Capricorn (23° 30’ S latitude). This year, the Winter Solstice […]

Botanical Spotlight: Snow & Ice

by Linda Gustke, Education Manager There are many winter themed structures at WPS Garden of Lights, including our striking icicle forest and snowflakes. With the fresh blanket of snow and icicles to come, check out these remarkable snow and ice facts: As most of us know, all snowflakes have 6 sides. But why? When water […]

Botanical Spotlight: Caterpillar

By Linda Gustke, Education Manager One of our most beloved structures at WPS Garden of Lights is the 60-foot Caterpillar tunnel! We have many varieties of caterpillars in the Garden throughout the summer, which will develop into beautiful butterflies. Most butterflies lay eggs in the spring, typically on the underside of a leaf or stem for […]

Botanical Spotlight: Natural Tree

By Lindsay Hendricks, Horticulturist During the holiday season, we decorate the Garden with more than just lights. Indoors, you will see a variety of decorations made from natural materials. Our most prominent feature is our Natural Holiday Tree in the Fischer Visitor Center. All the plant material on this festive tree is from the Garden […]

Botanical Spotlight: Yellow Garden Spider

By Kelle Hartman, Children & Family Educator Hopefully our spider display at WPS Garden of Lights won’t scare you away! Spiders are very beneficial to the Garden. Today, I’d like to highlight just one of those spiders, the Yellow Garden Spider or Argiope aurantia. These spiders are large, beautiful and impressive when seen in your garden […]