Camp GBBG: Summer Fun & Learning at the Garden

By Maryssa Paulsen, Education Intern

girl at camp gbbgWith summer almost halfway done (can you believe it!?), you may have noticed your child’s pent-up energy. A break from school is much needed, but there are great recreational opportunities during the summer that will engage and educate your child. Has summer camp crossed your mind?

American Camp Association, a nonprofit organization comprised of camp professionals, believes that summer camp provides a “non-threatening environment for America’s youth to be active, to develop competence in life skills, to learn about and enhance their own abilities and to benefit from meaningful participation in a community designed just for them.”

Consider Green Bay Botanical Garden’s Camp GBBG for your child. We’ll welcome them with a smile.

Recently, the Garden hosted two 1-day camps. Critter Safari featured discovery, observation and hands-on interaction with the flying, slithering, creeping and crawling animals that can be found in our garden and yours alike. These campers were fearless and open-minded in their exploration.

At Camp GBBG Garden Passport, we traveled the world by learning about unique fruits and vegetables that grow in other countries. Campers split into teams to prepare their dishes, then tried each one without hesitation. Fried plantains drizzled with chocolate sauce was the favorite!

If you’re thinking these camps sound great, it’s not too late to reserve a spot for your child. The Garden’s education department will host two camps yet this summer.

Camp GBBG’s weeklong Creative Construction camp will have campers working with a variety of materials and tools while learning to think like engineers. They’ll use their creativity on new projects and build challenges each day.

At Camp GBBG Mini-Movie Makers, each camper will become the writer, actor and director of their own science movie. Working in teams, they’ll research, write, record and edit a 3-minute movie on an iPad mini, in which they will teach others about nature and the Garden.

If you are looking for more information on our upcoming camps or would like to register your child or grandchild, please visit We’d love to see you at the Garden!