Nature Connects® Spotlight: Corn Spider & Galápagos Tortoise with Darwin Finch

By Kara Martin, Marketing and Communications Intern

We’ve had a blast this summer here at Green Bay Botanical Garden with our visiting exhibit, Nature Connects ®: Art with LEGO ® Bricks. All 16 larger-than-life sculptures will be here through August 19, so don’t miss out on your chance to see this exciting display!

We are now happy to present our final Nature Connects spotlight! Treat yourself to a few more fun facts that you may not know about these stunning scenes of wildlife.

Family with Corn Spider

PC: Chad Krause

Corn Spider
Location: King Shade Garden
Size: 19” x 38” x 60”
LEGO bricks: 16,492
Hours to Build: 135

Did You Know…

  • The corn spider, also called the yellow garden spider, is very helpful in a garden because it eats many pests.
  • Female corn spiders often remain in one place for most of their lifetime.
  • The web of the corn spider has a special zigzag pattern across the middle which is thought to make the web easier to see and avoided by larger animals.



Galápagos Tortoise with Darwin Finch

Galápagos Tortoise with Darwin Finch
Location: Stumpf Hobbit House Restroom
Size: 64” x 33” x 29”
LEGO bricks: 23,317
Hours to Build: 290




Did You Know…

  • The Galápagos tortoise is the largest tortoise on the planet, and only 11 of the 15 known subspecies live in the wild.
  • These tortoises can live more than 100 years, but the oldest known tortoise lived more than 170 years.
  • Darwin finches are actually 14 different species of birds, and each has its own food source.

You only have a little more than a week and a half to stop by this summer to experience these larger-than-life sculptures with your friends and family!

We’re the first and only venue in Wisconsin to host renowned, award-winning artist Sean Kenney’s nature-inspired sculptures built with millions of LEGO bricks. The exhibit is here throughAugust 19 and we’re regularly open from 9 am-8 pm.

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