4 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Team at the Garden

By Jessica Martin, Sales & Rental Coordinator

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Have you started to notice more yawns around the conference table? Or maybe your team’s brainpower isn’t producing what it should lately?

Sitting in the same meeting room day after day can get monotonous, but it’s easy enough to boost your team’s morale and creative juices by switching up your meetings or your organization’s outings. But how do you find simple ways to do that?

One way to get the ball rolling is to have your meetings and team-building events at a different location outside of the office. When you switch to a new location, your team will be trying something new and might view projects or tasks from a different perspective just by being in a different environment.

And the best thing? Green Bay Botanical Garden has a variety of spaces and activities available throughout the year that we can customize for your team.

Herbal Adventure

Herb Experience Tour Herbal Adventure

We’re big on herbs here at the Garden, mainly because they are incredibly easy to grow and even easier to incorporate into daily life. With this signature experience, your team will enjoy a tour of the Garden (with a focus on the herb garden) and a short workshop where you’ll make and take home a herb-infused honey or an herbal scrub.

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DIY Botanical Stations

cocktails on bar

After an afternoon meeting, have a cool drink on our patio! Gather with colleagues for an After 5 and put your own spin on cocktails, fruit or herb-infused waters and other beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) using herbs grown here in the Garden. You can even brainstorm new concoctions with coworkers by combining herbs, infused syrups and fruit. Our personal favorite summer drink is Lavender Lemonade!

Hands-On Horticulture Activities

If you’re looking for something beyond easy-to-grow herbs, we can set up a hands-on workshop with a member of our horticulture team. This experience can include a short guided tour in the Garden with a demonstration featuring plants you saw on your stroll. Demos can focus on seed starting for the spring, build-your-own-container activities with flowers of your choice or a customized experience based on your team’s needs.

volunteer wedding PC Alex Verstoppen

PC: Alex Verstoppen

We also have a variety of volunteer opportunities in different areas of the Garden that you can sign up for from collaborating with our horticulture team to working during a special event.

Enjoy the Outdoors

We mean it! It’s common knowledge that we spend too much of our time indoors and sometimes, being one with nature is just what we need to boost our team productivity and communication at work.

And the Garden provides one of the best stress-free environments you can find in the area all year long.

summer plants in bloom

PC: Alex Verstoppen

These are only several of the wide variety of activities and events your team can enjoy at the Garden. So let’s switch things up for our teams and find simple ways to reinvigorate that stalled monthly meeting or that stale office party this year.

For more information about booking your meeting or event, contact Jessica Martin, Sales & Rental Coordinator, at jmartin@gbbg.org or 920.491.3691 ext. 113.

Rent a Space & Give Back

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Corporate Garden Members & Sponsors

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