Due to the heat index in the butterfly house being over 91 degrees, Butterflies & Blooms will close at 12:40 pm and reopen at 4 pm today (Friday, August 14). The Garden is open 9 am-8 pm daily (except Thursdays, 9 am-4:30 pm) through August 31. Garden grounds are open, but access to buildings is limited. See details below.

Butterflies & Blooms

Butterflies & Blooms sponsored by Nature's Way

June 1–August 31, 2020 | 10 am–5 pm daily

Due to limited capacity in the exhibit as recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), visit times will need to be reserved in advance.

For your safety and the safety of our staff, guests must wear face coverings while in the butterfly house. Please bring your own.

A live butterfly experience showcasing pollinators across North America and the plants they love

Surround yourself with even more friendly pollinators this summer! Interact with native fan favorites like the Tiger Swallowtail and the Monarch and see up to 20 new species of butterflies (and a few moths) hailing from the warmer climates of Florida, Texas and Mexico.

About the Exhibit

325 new butterflies will arrive each week for a total of nearly 4,500 butterflies this summer. On any given day, 500 or more butterflies will be fluttering around the house for your viewing pleasure. While in the house, be sure to check out our What’s in Flight board daily to know exactly which butterflies and moths you can expect to find

Learn about butterflies and other pollinators, discover their critical role in our ecosystem and how you can best support them in your own living space, whether it’s a back yard, a garden or simply containers on a front porch!

Beyond seeing these butterflies in action, a you can also enjoy a variety of family-friendly drop-in activities mixing pollinators, plants and play in the butterfly house and throughout the Garden.



All visits to Butterflies & Blooms must be reserved by purchasing a timed ticket(s). Members must also reserve their free-visit times.

For your safety and the safety of our staff, the number of visitors in the butterfly house will be limited based on the guidelines from the Badger Bounce Back plan recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

To ensure we can provide an enjoyable experience for all guests, reserved visits will be limited to 20 minutes. Your ticket(s) for Butterflies & Blooms includes General Admission to the Garden.

Different rates may apply during special events.

Admission Costs

VisitorAdvanceAt the Door
Garden Members: Learn More about Membership FreeFree
 Adults (18+) $10$12
*Seniors (62+), AAA Members, AARP, Military $8$10
 *Students (w/school ID) $8$10
 Children (3-17) $5$7
 Children (2 & under)FreeFree
 NWTC Students & FacultyFree w/ current IDFree w/ current ID

*Proof of discount eligibility will be required at the Garden Entrance for purchased Senior, Military, AAA, AARP and Student Discounted tickets.

Buy Admission & Reserve Tickets

Purchase tickets for your reserved visit with one of these 3 easy ways. Visits are available within a two-week period from today’s date:

  1. Buy Online (strongly recommended)

    Buy Tickets

  2. Call us at 920.490.9457 during Garden hours Please have preferred visit dates and times in mind.
  3. At the door for an additional $2 per ticket. Entry is not guaranteed to those who walk up to purchase tickets.

Note: To redeem your free NWTC Admission, Complimentary Garden Admission Passes or Buy One Get One Free Coupons to visit the butterfly house, you will need to call the Garden.

During Your Visit

For your safety and the safety of our staff, the following protocols are in place:

  • Guests must wear face coverings while in the butterfly house. Please bring your own or purchase one at the Garden.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from other guests and staff while in the house and around the Garden
  • Number of guests in the house is limited to ensure adequate space for physical distancing.
  • Stay tuned for details about the Garden’s full response to COVID-19.

Explore even more with programs and activities:

  • Feed a monarch a yummy snack
  • Examine the gorgeous details of butterfly wings through a microscope
  • View the full Butterfly Life Cycle in action at select times by watching the caterpillars of the Zebra Longwing and seeing butterflies emerge from their chrysalises.
  • Explore the colorful indoor garden full of flowers and other plants
  • Stroll through our native pollinator garden and find plants perfect to attract caterpillars, butterflies and other pollinators
  • and more!

Beyond interacting with butterflies, our weekly family programs, including Express Garden Tours, Story Times and Discovery Stations, will highlight butterflies and other pollinators, in addition to self-guided daily drop-in activities and other featured programs or events.

Butterfly Feeding | 10 am–5 pm

Receive a feeding stick dipped with a tasty butterfly treat. Donations accepted.

Learning Lab | 10 am–5 pm

Near the butterfly house. Transform into a scientist and uncover pollinator wonders.

Garden Discovery Boxes | Anytime

Boxes placed throughout the Garden containing games and activities for kids.

Scavenger Hunts | Anytime

Hunt for clues and discover plants and animals in the Garden.

Children’s Corner | Anytime

Read stories, make a craft, play a garden game and enjoy an indoor reset after exploring outside.

Snap & Share Stations

Looking for a beautiful backdrop to capture that special memory of you and your group of friends and family? Get the best shots in front of our fluttering butterfly wings, butterfly house or the backdrop of the Garden. Share your picture with us by tagging us or using #mygbgarden.

Bring Butterflies & Blooms Home

Find a variety of butterfly-themed items in the WPS Trellis Gift Shop this summer. We have all things butterflies including garden art, home décor, butterfly nets, insect habitats and more!

Themed Classes & Camps

Breakfast with the Butterflies |August 19 from 9–10 am

Don’t miss out on this limited experience! You’ll visit the Butterflies and Blooms: North American Edition butterfly house before it opens, help prepare the fruit dishes for the butterflies and enjoy a breakfast treat yourself!

Butterflies: Who’s in Flight?

After Your Visit

If you’d like to learn more about native butterflies and plants or are looking to purchase native flowers, we recommend the following:

Our exhibit may be about butterflies, but here at the Garden, we know that all pollinators have crucial roles to play! To learn more about pollinators and why they’re important, you can read any of our blogs listed below:

Interested in starting your own pollinator garden at home? We worked with Wild Ones Green Bay and Stone Silo Prairie Gardens to offer these simple pollinator garden designs.

Watch for these helpful signs in the butterfly house to let your curiosity and knowledge of the butterflies take flight!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Garden, please review our policy web page.


When is the exhibit?

Butterflies & Blooms starts on Monday, June 1 and ends on Monday, August 31.

June 1: Open to Members Only
June 8: Open to General Public

Opening dates for the exhibit may change based on guidelines from the Badger Bounce Back plan recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).

What time is the exhibit open?

The exhibit is open daily from 10 am-5 pm, weather permitting. It will be open from 9-10 am each day for members only. Last admission is at 4:30 pm and last entry into the butterfly house is at 4:45 pm. We close at 5 pm because the butterflies need time to rest and catch some ZZZZZ’s.

What is timed ticketing?

Timed ticketing offers reserved, 20 minute time slots for guests to experience the butterfly house while allowing the Garden to provide a safe environment for all guests and staff.

Can I access the Garden before my time slot?

Yes! The Garden is open from 9 am-8 pm daily. Feel free to explore the Garden before or after your reserved visit time in the butterfly house.

Can I walk up and purchase tickets?

At the door, there is an additional $2 charge per ticket and entry to Butterflies & Blooms is not guaranteed. We anticipate that tickets for the exhibit will sell out.

How can I purchase tickets in advance?

Advance admission for the butterfly house can be purchased online or by phone. You will need to select a date, time and number of tickets. Tickets are available on a rolling two-week time period from the current date.

Do members need to reserve a timed ticket?

Yes, members must reserve a free ticket online for each person in their group (account sign in required) or by phone. We encourage members to reserve their time slot in advance to guarantee their entry.

Members are allotted the number of tickets per your current membership level.

How do I reserve a timed ticket if I am an NWTC Student/Staff member, have a Complimentary Garden Pass or Buy One Get One Free Admission, or have a membership at another garden?

Please call the Garden at 920.490.9457 to reserve your timed ticket. You will not be able to reserve your timed ticket online.

What if I can no longer go at my reserved visit time?

If you’re no longer able to attend your scheduled time and date, please call the Garden at 920.490.9457. Cancellations received at least 24 hours before your visit will receive a full refund.

If the Garden closes the exhibit due to inclement weather, including heavy rain or extreme temperatures, you will be notified by email and/or phone and tickets will be refunded automatically.

What health and safety protocols are in place at the butterfly house?

For your safety and the safety of our staff, the following protocols are in place:

  • Guests two and older must wear face coverings while in the butterfly house. Please bring your own or purchase one at the Garden.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from other guests and staff while in the house and around the Garden
  • Number of guests in the house is limited to ensure adequate space for physical distancing.
  • Stay tuned for details about the Garden’s full response to COVID-19.

What happens if it rains or if there’s a threat of severe weather?

Since the butterfly house has a mesh cover, rain may cause the butterflies to seek shelter and not fly around. If the Garden closes the exhibit due to inclement weather, including heavy rain or extreme temperatures, you will be notified by email and/or phone and tickets will be refunded automatically. Stay tuned to our Facebook page or our website for the latest updates.

Where is the butterfly house located?

The butterfly house is located across from the Stumpf Hobbit House, near the Nielsen Children’s Garden. Follow the blue butterflies posted throughout the Garden or the blue path marked on your Garden map.

How long does it take to see the butterflies?

Reserved visits to the butterfly house will be limited to 20 minutes. Make sure to follow the directions posted at both the entrance and the exit to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the butterflies, other guests and our staff.

Is the butterfly house accessible?

Yes, the butterfly house is accessible. Manual and motorized wheelchairs required for mobility are allowed in the house.

Can I bring a stroller or motorized scooter into the butterfly house?

Due to the size of the butterfly house interior, motorized scooters aren’t allowed. Strollers are allowed, but there will be a designated area outside the house where you can park your motorized scooters, strollers, wagons, etc. before heading inside. Please be courteous of other visitors and park your stroller if there are a higher number of people in the house.


Can I touch the butterflies?

Due to the fragility of butterfly wings, please refrain from touching the butterflies. If a butterfly lands on you, gently shift your finger underneath their legs and lift it off.

What if a butterfly lands on me?

If a butterfly lands on you, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and then carefully use your finger to guide the butterfly off. Simply put your finger underneath its legs and shift the butterfly until it flies away.

If you’re not comfortable guiding the butterfly away from you, ask for assistance from a Garden staff member or volunteer.


Where do the butterflies come from?

The butterflies found in the butterfly house are ambassadors that have all been raised in captivity and are never taken from the wild. This allows visitors to learn more about these amazing creatures, who may be hard to find and observe in nature, without harming our native populations.

Our butterflies have been obtained from licensed vendors in Wisconsin and Florida.

How long do the butterflies live?

A butterfly’s natural lifecycle, including the butterflies in the house, is typically 2-4 weeks long.

If you find a deceased butterfly in the house, please tell a Garden staff member or volunteer.

Why don’t you have host plants for the butterflies to lay eggs?

To protect the local butterfly population, our permit from the USDA does not allow the release of any butterflies from the exhibit. We’ve planted host and nectar plants in the nearby display garden to increase the pollinator habitat outside of the display and throughout the grounds.

Why don’t you release these butterflies?

Even though these butterflies are native to Wisconsin and the Midwest, we can’t release them into the wild in order to protect the butterfly populations already established here.

Can I release my own butterflies into the house?

No. In order to protect both the butterflies in the house and local butterfly populations, we will not release local butterflies into the house or release butterflies from the exhibit in local areas.

What happens to the butterflies after they die?

After their natural lifecycle, the butterflies are frozen or soaked in an alcohol solution in order to kill any potential parasites or other diseases they could have contracted during their lifetime. Some of the butterflies are then preserved for educational purposes or properly disposed of.

Where can I find more information on native butterflies?

We highlight several resources and websites you can check out on your own. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and read our blog for more information on native pollinators.


At this time, we are not bringing volunteers into the exhibit.

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