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Culinary Herbs

 Common Name  Latin Name  Uses, Comments
Anise Hyssop  Agastache foeniculum Anise-scented leaves used fresh or dried in herbal teas (P)
Chives  Allium schoenoprasum Leaves add mild onion flavor; good on salads, sauces, soups, and spreads; flowers garnish salads and soups (P)
Chinese Chives  Allium tuberosum Leaves add mild garlic flavor; good on salads and vegetables(P)
Dill  Anethum graveolens Many great uses especially to season seafood and poultry, ingredient for pickling. Medicinal – Seeds were once boiled into wine to cure flatulence, aids in digestion (A)
Angelica Angelica archangelica Tender leaves and shoots used in salads; stems candied to decorate cakes and puddings. Beverage – Seeds and roots used to flavor gin and other liquors (B)
French Tarragon Artemisia dracunculus Leaves have licorice-like flavor (P)
Borage Borago officinalis Cucumber-flavored leaves can be added to salads or vegetable dishes; can be made into syrup or candied (A)
Calendula Calendula officinalis Edible flowers used in salads; historically used to dye cheese (A)
Peppers Capsicum spp. Fruits range from sweet and mild to hot and spicy, used in a variety of dishes; hot varieties ground and used as seasoning. Medicinal – Hot varieties ground and used in topical creams for arthritis pain, sore muscles; when consumed aids in cardiovascular health, digestion, soothes toothaches, halts infections (A)
Epazote Pigweed Chenopodium ambrosoides Strong-scented leaves a staple in Mexican cuisine, bean dishes (A)
Cilantro/Coriander Coriandrum sativum Aromatic seeds are called coriander, a well-known seasoning; the pungent leaves are called cilantro, and are popular in Chinese, Mediterranean, and Mexican dishes (A)
Lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus Leafy bases of mature stems are stewed or steamed with food; the lemony flavor is a staple in Oriental cooking (A)
Cardoon Cynara cardunculus Blanched leaf stalks and roots eaten like celery and endive (A)
Fig Ficus carica Sweet fruits used in cooking; source of calcium, fiber, antioxidants. Medicinal-Fresh or dried used to relieve toothache, improve canker sores, strengthen nails; natural laxative; sap of stalks used in wart removal (P)
Vietnamese Balm Elsholtzia ciliata Lemon-flavored leaves can be used in any dish (P)
Bronze Fennel Foeniculum vulgare Seed used to flavor sausage; leaves add flavor to salads or vegetables (A)
Bay Laurel Laurus nobilis Popular in French cuisine, especially meat, fish, and poultry (A)
Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Use flowers to flavor sugar and milk for baked goods; add to your favorite sugar cookie recipe; substitute for rosemary in some recipes (P)
Lovage Levisticum officinale Leaves, stems, and seeds have celery flavor; use stems as straws for Bloody Marys (P)
Mexican Oregano Lippia graveolens Use in Mexican dishes in place of oregano, more pungent (A)
Black Cumin Nigella sativa Spicy seeds effective substitute for pepper; flavors curries, breads, and cakes (A)
Basil Ocimum basilicum Popular seasoning for Italian dishes; fresh leaves are most pungent, pesto sauces (A)
Oregano Origanum vulgare Flavorful herb common in Italian, Greek, Spanish dishes; pairs well with meats, tomatoes and eggs (P)
Parsley Petroselinum crispum Versatile herb used in many flavorings; garnish; single or curled-leaf varieties; rich in vitamins, iron, and calcium (A)
Salad Burnet Pimpinella saxifraga Light cucumber flavor good in salads, sandwhiches, soups, and cooling summer drinks (A)
Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis Aromatic leaves used as seasoning. Medicinal – Oil used to relieve tension and calm indigestion (A)
Pineapple Sage Salvia elegans Adds fresh pineapple scent to drinks, chicken, cheese, fruit salad, jams and jellies; sweet flowers garnish salads and drinks (A)
Common Sage Salvia officinalis Popular seasoning in stuffing, sausage, and duck dishes; cheese and egg dishes; also golden sage, purple sage, tricolor sage (A,P)
Winter Savory Satureja montana Somewhat peppery flavor, used in bean dishes (P)
Thyme Thymus Major culinary herb, leaves used fresh or dried; also T. citriodorus has lemon scented leaves, used in tea (P)

A = Annual; B = Biennial; P = Perennial